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    • Gamification

      The key objective of the Erasmus + WRITE project is to give young people the opportunity to improve their soft-skills in order to answer the business system’s need to accelerate young people’s entry into the labor market.
      While vocational skills can be acquired directly in the work context, within different business sectors, the so-called soft-skills must be already owned before accessing the labor market.

      Here is where the WRITE project comes in. Within the framework of this project, an educational trail was set up through the methodology of "Gamification" allowing users to acquire skills in the following areas: languages, communication and social media.

      "Gamification" is a teaching method that can transmit content efficiently and in an engaging manner and facilitate learning through an environment regulated by the rules of games, where young people can improve learning retrying several times the courses, pledging to improve their performance, trying to get points and badges (prizes that are typical of games), with an incentive provided by the game ranking, which leads to improve and achieve the skills necessary for entrering the labor market.

      Why did we choose the gamification methodology?
      This method works because it relies on people’s desires and needs, providing goals to achieve, rewards / prizes to be gained, urging competition within a community.
      We can therefore say that "gamification" is social: young people can discuss, share and compare the achievement of competences within the platform.
      It is important to highlight that the "Triathlon Path" is to be considered a set of rules with the aim of applying recreational dynamics – typical of games - to a learning activity, which will lead to the acquisition of skills but it should not be compared or confused with the game itself.
      Triathlon is an instrument to increase the interest, involvement and participation of young people in order to encourage their active participation and improve at the same time their "performance".

      Why Triathlon?
      The metaphor chosen to develop the game is that of the Triathlon: since the course will be made of three disciplines, it seemed appropriate and engaging to use a sporting metaphor that, with the right balance, could stimulate interactions.
      Swimming, cycling and running represent respectively English language, communication and social media managing!

      What do you get with our Triathlon gamificated course?
      With our gamificated course you can improve your performance and achieve those basic skills which are necessary enter the labor market. Depending on the scores achieved and the tests passed you will receive badges and prizes in the form of recognized certificates!

      Come on, play with us! Start here our Triathlon!!!